Steel Door

Life Pod Premium Shelters offers a galvanized door which fits the pods for an 8, 10 and 14 person fiberglass shelter.  The SD-8, SD-10 or SD-14 fiberglass underground shelter with a galvanized steel door is made specifically for new construction applications.  These shelters can be placed in the ground before the concrete slab has been poured to be hidden in a discreet location.


- Heavy duty, 1/4” galvanized steel door which is designed to be very easy to open and close, utilizing polyurethane wheels and a custom rolling mechanism.
- Lockable from the outside and the inside using the standard deadbolt lock and key.
- Built in handle for easy opening and closing
- Flush mounting door providing the ability to hide access with no trip hazard.
- Stainless steel hardware and fasteners to prevent rust.



NEW Construction - Garage Floor Shelter

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