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Fiberglass Underground Storm Shelter (FP-30 Model)

Life Pod Premium Shelters
FP-30 Model
​Life Pod Premium Shelters offers FP-30 underground fiberglass storm shelter. Our storm shelters are manufactured with quality, safety and comfort in mind. This underground shelter is roomy enough to protect up to four adults comfortably and keep them safe through a tornado or violent weather.

Storm Shelter Standards
FP-30 Model

- Will NOT leak, rust, corrode, or breakdown over time
- NO wood construction
- Marine grade, UV stable gel coat
- NO carpet, molded-in non-skid flooring
- Non-skid, aluminum steps with aluminum handrail.
- Aluminum bench seating.
- Molded-in chemical potty / storage area.
- Under bench storage.
- Natural ventilation – stainless steel screened vents.
- LED lighting and motion activated lighting.
- Lockable 3-point latching system with external handle.
- Stainless steel hardware and fasteners.
- Heavy duty, piston assisted door.
- Safety whistle
FP-30 Specifications
Canvas covered cushions for benches
Screw on lids for additional five gallon buckets
Personal locator beacon
Severe weather preparedness kit
Solar powered positive ventilation system
Additional hand rail for the steps

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